4 Phases of Great Website Design

Phase 1 РDesign over substance 

The initial phase is to design a site that the president, venture capitalists, and advertising agency like to see. There are all types of “bells and whistles” in this style. A whole site may be a Flash computer animated website. Or there could be some gorgeous JavaScript computer mouse over impacts or drop-down menus in the layout. It’s always a pretty layout, but the message is clear – style over material.

Phase 2 – Designing for internet visibility

In Phase 2, the fact of an inefficient website design starts to hit, normally around 3-6 months after the preliminary launch. A website will normally get denied by most of the significant directories, not be indexed by the significant internet search engine, or not obtain the website traffic or sales that were forecasted based upon the numerous sorts of advertising and marketing approaches made use of. Commonly, that’s when companies determine that they will certainly try to work with a specialist online marketing professional to promote the site. Doorway page business, in some way, form or kind, back their awful heads. However, numerous website proprietors fall for a doorway web page business’s pitch because the magnificently created website couldn’t possibly be the problem with low site website traffic. Yahoo may have denied a site, or the site may have been detailed in Yahoo and the company can not comprehend why they have no summary next to their company name. Yet in no other way would certainly many ad agencies or entrance page business want to tell possible clients the fact– they just did not layout as well as create an effective internet site — since it would suggest losing thousands of dollars in organisation.

Phase 3 – Designing for your audience

By Phase 3, after spending an exorbitant quantity of resources on beautiful web site styles and also numerous advertising and marketing methods, website owners generally identify that they did not design or write an efficient website content for their target market. Typically, internet site owners will bring in a functionality specialist to examine possible issues and also existing numerous remedies. Hiring a search engine marketing expert to aid with search-engine friendly website design & templates early in the style stage can conserve a firm hundreds of extra pounds in online marketing prices.

Phase 4 – Website redesign

After mindful usability as well as search engine presence analysis, website owners finally have an effective web site. A website that is composed, coded and designed for individual friendliness as well as search engine presence generally obtains one of the most traffic and resulting sales because it was created, programmed, as well as developed for end users.


Website must constantly be designed with your target market in mind, not your own individual preferences. Colours have meaning. Specialist designers comprehend the psychology of colour as well as making use of white area to best bring across the image your audience wishes to see. (As an example, try not to use the colour red on an economic website.) Recognizing the products/services/information your target market is searching for is paramount to making and keeping an efficient web site. When you introduce a website, you may need to make an enlightened hunch as to what your target audience desires. After that, devices such as site stats software and also reporting from website searches inform you exactly what your site visitors are seeking. After that material and also marketing techniques can be adjusted appropriately. Unless the innovative modern technology plainly benefits end individuals, do not utilize it on your website. If your investor or CEO’s or attorneys like the website, ask if they are going to spend the thousands or millions of extra pounds to keep you in business.

They’re not. Your target audience that will inevitably identify the success or failing of your website.

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